Sindo Magazine 2011

Developing creative implementation strategies

As brand developers & marketers in today’s market place develop new brand identities and nurture old ones, so must they develop creative implementation strategies, getting their message out using innovative methods in which to implement their brand communications across multiple mediums, usually simultaneously to gain maximum results. Some have chosen to go interactive, with great success, companies such as new generation brands like eBay, Amazon and Starbucks have amassed huge global value with little traditional advertising.

What makes the internet unique?

The internet landscape is extremely unique. Its fundamental ability to facilitate multiple methods of delivering rich interactive participation holds much potential for advertisers, marketers and brand implementers.

The Internet has made its impact through implications based on its access to globalization and internationalization, where information may cross beyond borders with greater ease are yet to be fully realized by many individuals and organizations.

Though the online medium is gaining more exposure, there are basic issues that need to be faced in order to tailor for this medium successfully, marketers and brand implementers will need to be acquainted with that while there are differences in complexity in the delivery of product and promotion, there are key fundamentals that should be recognized.

Traditional mediums such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines will always continue to have an impact in the way we communicate. No matter how advanced the methods of execution develop, the same people who access information via the internet will always be the same people who want access to the same basic functionalities older, more traditional mediums deliver, for example education and news.

Another thing to be aware of is while implementing brand integration into various different mediums and using multiple content is seen as an obvious step, and is more frequent, all these mediums still run the risk of over saturation, and in the end, create the same clutter that people were avoiding in the first place, making it ineffective as a marketing tool. Smart companies see that the best strategy today as defining their brand as visually strong, unique in design, and that by delivering incentive for consumers participation, they integrate their messages so closely into entertainment that the two are all but indistinguishable.

Understanding the methods of online success

To achieve great opportunities and results that the internet can offer, organizations need to effectively incorporate various methodologies that will emerge, allowing benefits that many departments within an organization can appreciate as shown below.

Interactivity, the more time spent interacting with your websites, games, blogs… It provides opportunities for brand immersion, loyalty and the likely hood of actually landing a sale.

All interactive programs should go hand in hand with all other advertising and marketing programs leading as alternate destination solution that may provide additional incentives for customers to participate further on an interactive level with your brand.

Customization, allows dynamic change, interaction and full customization as to what may be viewed upon the web site, generally to suit the viewer and their preferences, which then can be used to determine what interests their potential consumers for future campaigns. It allows the site to be a stage to develop mood setting, associated to the brand values and ethos that make it unique, building closer ties to the consumer.

Global access, being able to push towards international exposure, with possible gain in developing global presence allows small businesses to access markets that were once not viable

Time dependence allows viewers to access most features and information on a 24 hour basis, everyday of the week, without having to have a physical presence managing the site.

Interest driven allows users to actively seek out desired information passively rather than being pushed via other media. However effective directing of traffic remains via offline communications, spiral marketing techniques and the likes.

These are just five of the few major key points that are used in order to understand the areas in which to focus developments with regards to the production of a successful online campaign.

Essentially for most businesses to succeed, there is the need to sustain vigilance, to push bravely forward, to re-educate themselves of the opportunities that are abound, to be creative while exposing their brands upon multiple platforms, in which to compete and to promote their brand identities and their values associated today.

Published - Sindo Magazine – March 2011