We make things write for those big or small.

Spanning all edges and curves of the world. We are no strangers to managing social media platforms, nor are we at a loss with writing great monologue speeches, hefty manifests, corporate copy, translating*, proofreading, editing, scriptwriting and... 

m-jayz over the years has placed a focus towards developing, editing and translating content for all kinds of literary purposes, namely children's education - private and otherwise, comics, advertising, media publications, strategic brand communications, corporate publications, story-boarding, novels and so forth for a multitude of genres and industries.

An outline of some of the services m-jayz attends to are:

Advertising campaigns, Brand Naming, Slogans, Catalogues, Reports, Annual Prospectus layout, Instructional Manuals, Social Media campaigns, News Articles, Lectures, Presentations, Bulletins, Newspapers...From concept development, management, design, content and print preparation.


Written by m-jayz (Michael Jordon) 
In collaboration with lia s. Associates

2 Educational Books educating children how to read and write

Project: Research | Writing | Translation | Visual Concept Development | Illustration - 2d Character | Costume Modelling and Design | Character & Art Layout | Pre-Print Prep

Fokus Belajar Membaca AEIOU
Fokus Belajar Menulis Halus


Client: Gramedia - BHUANA ILMU POPULER
In collaboration with lia s. Associates & Lilis Hu

Representing Indonesia at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 & 2016

A 34 part series of Indonesian Folk Tales, involving all aspects of production, including 3d character/costume/prop development, translation, poetry writing and more. 

Project: Translation - Poetry Writing | Visual Concept Development | Illustration - 3d Character | Costume Modelling and Design | Character & Art Layout | Pre-Print Prep

Visit Gramedia - Dongeng 3D Nusantara collection


Client: Maranatha 2015-2018
In collaboration with lia s. Associates

A monthly series of children's stories, puzzles, and comics.

Project: Writing | Translation | Editing | Character Development | Comic Development | Layout | Pre-Print Prep

Jerusalem: Sanctity, Conflict, And Final Judgment

Client: Gramedia

A historical account of Jerusalem from the perspective and personal experiences of Trias Kuncahyono.

Project: Writing | Translation | Editing | Proofreading 

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Client: Gramedia

A self-improvement book for those interested in the field of business.

Project: Writing | Translation | Editing | Proofreading

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Amazing Adventure

Client: Augmented Reality & Co. 

An illustrated children's book incorporated with animated Augmented Reality features.

Project: Writing | Translation | Editing | Proofreading

Quantify Technology

Client: Quantify Technology (Zimi)

Visual design of various marketing tools and applications inline with their overall brand guidelines, including things such as - Presentation Design and Layout, Technical Diagrams, Icons, Social Media Banners and more.

Project: Graphic Design | Icon Design | Cover Design | Social Media | 'Annual Prospectus Report' Graphic Design & Layout

Sang Mentari
Industri Cat

Client: Gramedia - PT MATARAM

Project: Writing | Editing | Visual Concept Development | Graphic Design & Layout | Pre-Print Prep

Luka Batin


Project: Writing | Translation | Editing | Proofreading


Client: DRTV 
In collaboration with DMID Group

100 page novel | 100 page comic

Project: Brand Development | Writing | Editing | Translation | Visual Concept Development | Illustration - Character Development and Prop Design | Game Development | Music Production

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