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Everyone loves a good ol lofty tune whilst swinging their cool bits about. Works pretty well in videos, games, pods and all other associated mediums, so we've been told. Give us a yell if you need some thumpin tunes, beats or simply some assistance with sound production.

Over the last decade or so, m-jayz has developed a number of tunes and soundscapes for various clients for various purposes, namely for games, corporate video profiles, video ads and so on.

If you desire to create your own tunes and have something in mind as inspiration to help shape the style? Give us a yell, and perhaps we can craft something special and unique, to suit your special needs.


This playlist is a collection of music developed for an iOS/Android mobile app called 'Colortorial' (Colors of Indonesia) - Held under lia s. Associates | Branding and Design agency in Surabaya for their client: Mataram Paint - EMCO.

The objective was to create tunes that would be easily associated to each of the major Islands as found throughout Indonesia's archipelago.

While you're at it, Check out the games we developed for them too!
iOS | android


M-jayz complete collection - 2010-2021
#retro #synthpop #synthwave #vaporwave #80s #dreamwave #rock #guitar #techno #electronica #game #spooky #beats

The Sound of the Last Decade

M-jayz collection dating back 1996-2021
#retro #synthpop #synthwave #vaporwave #80s #dreamwave

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