dmid 2013

In a jiffy… what’s it all about ?

In a Terms to describe fields, services and ideas within the advertising / marketing industry seem to come and go, I first learnt about the term “Interactive” during my early years as a budding University student. I was soon to be immersed within the field whilst working in Australia, specializing in developing all forms of rich media applications for varying advertising / marketing purposes. The term ‘Interactive’ seemed appropriate, I found my joy. And thus have continued to create a career from it. I have Macromedia and Adobe to thank and the inspiration derived from my Commodore 64 years.

‘Interactive’ media is everywhere, and frankly I only see it becoming more and more part of our daily lives as the invent of tech advances.

To simplify the term, “interactive” within the advertising arena… be it online or offline, “Interactive” media is a form of presentation or promotion of products, services, and or ideas. It literally is “interactive” because it involves a mutual physical action between the product presenter / promoter and the desired consumer for a number of specified purposes.

From a marketer’s perspective, interactive media is a godsend. Interactive is much more integrated than traditional advertising and provides a more immersed experience for the consumer. It’s the only logical path for any serious agency considering the nature of tech within today’s environment. To describe some of the more obvious advantages resulting from the use of interactive media…

Think brand retention derived from lengthy brand exposure through the use of day to day apps. Creating a product that generates positive feedback and return visitation, referral and buzz via external networks. Monitoring and responding to online chatter related to your brand in real-time. Or the ability to mine data locally or globally from active participants on a mass scale during your advertising campaigns using automated systems.

Some common types of traditional interactive media applications range from things like online banner advertisements, digital games, social media platforms, digital presentations, and can be found on an array of platforms such as phones, hand held devices, interactive televisions, computers…internet, gaming consoles… the list goes on.

The possibilities of how to implement interactive media is limited only by the marketer’s imagination, the developer’s expertise along with the creativity of the designer.

The only real challenge for most agencies is educating potential clientele and directing them towards more meaningful activities that will benefit their business, brand and services within the contemporary environment of today’s world of advertising, along with expressing the potential rewards associated for all parties involved

Published - Brand Coffee Biweekly Newsletter – dmid 2013 Edition 26