Sindo Magazine 2011

Successful brand / Advertising Mediums

Interactive media has been out on mass in its varying form for decades, as for online applications specifically, they have been appearing more so in the last five to ten. In that time, we have outgrown and redefined many tenets and will no doubt be challenged to do so in the future. Thanks to Hyper-innovation and technology advances that drive continued adoption, experimentation, and the re-drawing of boundaries, we are redefining what’s possible and creating extraordinary opportunities.

For those who aren’t scraping knuckles and are still living in caves, you’d know that gaming has exploded exponentially, and although what may be considered old school to those skimming on the ripples of past success, for the vigorous brand owner, things are just starting to warm up.

Take the last five years as an example, gaming has become mainstream spanning across a much broader demographic than ever previously anticipated (men, woman, young, old and even non gamers have come to respect the addictive nature of such games like PC’s Solitaire… Sound like your 70-year-old father ?) Essentially things are looking excellent for that brand owner looking to find a new brand communications stream, and let’s not forget that budding games developer bewildered by the daunting development process…

Gone are the days of having to deal with ‘big’-game developers, huge production teams, terrifying deadline pressures, inner politics and yes of course cost. In fact, the financial urgings for pursuing the development of say flash games, for example, can be extraordinarily strong, even in a so-called recession due to the relative ease related to production.

The colossal difference today is the methodology of construction and the numerous benefits derived from well-managed implementation. We can construct bigger, better, prettier, more advanced games that go hand in hand with all your marketing and advertising campaigns in less time than ever before. I’m not necessarily talking about the games people email us or link us on Facebook. Only to grab our attention for approx. 30 seconds, although these games hold exceptional value managed properly. I’m talking about games that convey worth on a more complex and sophisticated level, in tune with your business/marketing/brand communication strategies, while capable of creating significant revenue at low cost. And what’s more, it’s accessible.

Take the fact that 96% of your online audience will never have to download anything but your game. No ActiveX controls, or use of a Java plugin, it comes with its own player. Your apps can be easily distributable upon multiple platforms. Available for PC, Mac, all web browsers and of course offline. packaged, shipped and ready to play.

Realizing that games are fantastically diverse, immersive and have the potential to act as a successful brand/advertising mediums… We believe it’s time that brands better exploit this opportunity. We offer top-notch game development expertise and a deep understanding of branding and brand communications. If you are motivated and feel you’re a future-sighted brand owner or agency, we would love to speak with you further. It’s not about the future but the present..

Published - dmid 2011 Edition 06 and Sindo magazine 2011